Inseparable Short Film

I found this on youtube. Great example of what an amazing actor Benedict Cumberbatch is. If that does need another proof.

It is amazing how few words it needs to tell a story. Pictures, music and gestures is all you need. Even though this is a pitty, cause anyone who knows me, knows that I am very fond of words. Words of any kind. Written, spoken, sung. As long as they tell stories, express emotions, impress me. And if words do this, I long to share them or tell what they mean to me.

So it seems, that this short movie is nothing for me. But nevertheless I like it very much and I don’t think there is one word missing. In this case, I think, the words which are not spoken, tell the sory. The words which are not spoken, show the unexpressable emotions. The words you can not find trying to describe the situation, are the ones which make you think.

And because I love to think about words, said or unsaid, meant or unmeant, because I like to get impressed by stories and emotions and last but not least because I enjoy brilliant acting, I am glad I found this movie.


3 thoughts on “Inseparable Short Film

    • I’m glad you liked it. If you are interested in art, which I know you are, you should also watch “painted with words”. A documentary about Vincent van Gogh, based on letters written by him or to him (all texts in the film are from those letters). It gives a very good impression how he lived and what his way was becoming a painter. And Benedict Cumberbatch ist playing the leading part. I probably will post it on this bog some time. But you can also watch it here.

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